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Super Bowl XLVI

February 6th, 2012

Did you catch the game last night?

Last night wasn’t just any Sunday night football game, it was the 46th annual NFL Super Bowl. The AFC’s New England Patriots went head to head against the NFC’s New York Giants.

With a projected viewership of 117 million for the event televised by NBC, nearly half the country tuned in to watch Super Bowl XLVI, 6 million more than the 2011 Super Bowl. According to Twitter there were nearly 10,000 tweets every second for the last three minutes of the Super Bowl, and Bluefin Labs has tracked 12.2 million comments about the Super Bowl in total across Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. Bluefin advises that the Super Bowl commercials alone generated 985,000 social media comments, topping the entire telecast of the 2011 Academy Awards by nearly 20,000.

Super Bowl XLVI is the new biggest social media-TV event ever, blowing past the previous record holder – the 2011 MTV VMAs that only garnered 3.1 million social media comments. Did you catch the action?

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SlingPlayer for Facebook

November 11th, 2011

Sling Media has announced and released a video about an upcoming app for Facebook that would allow you to stream your home TV, directly on Facebook. Conrad Gomes, Senior Software Engineer at Sling Media, has advised that a SlingPlayer app, much like the one currently available online on certain mobile apps.

By bringing the SlingPlayer to Facebook Sling Media is opening a new door to television and social media. With convenient share options you can easily show your friends what you’re watching!

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