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NFL Super Bowl Preview: Info, Spreads and Viewing Guide

January 31st, 2014

Well it’s finally here, and you couldn’t have picked a better match up — except for the fact that this is the exact match up every analyst picked at the beginning of the season. But, again, this is a good thing. These were the best two teams throughout the year, and here we are. It rarely happens this perfectly, especially in football these days as injuries have been mounting up to ridiculous degrees. The story lines are clear: Peyton’s legacy, and the “team-first” nature of the Seahawks and their young quarterback. Are these the actual game story lines though? We’ll see. Read more

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FOX to stream Super Bowl free to desktop and tablet devices

January 23rd, 2014

alg-yup-jpgFox Sports has announced it will stream live all of its coverage from Super Bowl 48 next Sunday. The move is being characterized as the Fox network showcaing it’s online and mobile authenticating services.

Naturally, the free “preview” is not permanent, and subscribers to FOX’s online content will have to subscribe (i.e. pay). However, the most watched event in the United States every year isn’t a bad place to start for showcasing a new product. Read more

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Super Bowl XLVI

February 6th, 2012

Did you catch the game last night?

Last night wasn’t just any Sunday night football game, it was the 46th annual NFL Super Bowl. The AFC’s New England Patriots went head to head against the NFC’s New York Giants.

With a projected viewership of 117 million for the event televised by NBC, nearly half the country tuned in to watch Super Bowl XLVI, 6 million more than the 2011 Super Bowl. According to Twitter there were nearly 10,000 tweets every second for the last three minutes of the Super Bowl, and Bluefin Labs has tracked 12.2 million comments about the Super Bowl in total across Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. Bluefin advises that the Super Bowl commercials alone generated 985,000 social media comments, topping the entire telecast of the 2011 Academy Awards by nearly 20,000.

Super Bowl XLVI is the new biggest social media-TV event ever, blowing past the previous record holder – the 2011 MTV VMAs that only garnered 3.1 million social media comments. Did you catch the action?

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