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Comcast developing 2-gigabit speeds

May 21st, 2015

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Likely as a response to Google Fiber’s encroachment and PR fallout from their recent FCC-blocked purchase of TWC, Comcast has been pushing to install gigabit internet speeds in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Indeed, Knoxville soon will have access to the fastest residential Internet in the country when Comcast begins offering its 2-gigabit per second (Gbps) service to some homes next month.

Gigabit Pro will be available to 190,000 residents within proximity of Comcast’s fiber network in Knox, Anderson and Roane counties, as well as portions of surrounding counties where Comcast’s network extends.

“This is really a professional grade service. It’s a fiber-to-home solution. Early adopters are going to love it because the speed is amazing,” said Doug Guthrie, senior vice president of Comcast Cable’s South Region.

The cable giant will be the first to provide such high speed broadband to Knoxville residents. TDS Telecom started offering a 1-gigabit connection to homes in Farragut and to the Halls community this past winter.

Though Google and AT&T have not yet expanded their gigabit-speed connection to the Knoxville area, Comcast’s service will be twice as fast.

For customers, that means near instantaneous downloads. A high-definition, two-hour movie, for instance, can be downloaded in 20 seconds.

Pricing for equipment installation and service is expected to announced within the next few days.

Guthrie said the company also will be announcing additional speeds this year, as well as a 1-gigabit connection that will be provided over its existing network in 2016.

Because the connection doesn’t rely on fiber, Comcast essentially will be able to offer it to anyone with no restrictions.

“We’re going to be able to fit the needs of all customers,” he said.

In September, Comcast announced it would expand its 10-gigabit fiber-based Ethernet network to businesses throughout Knoxville.

And it has been extending fiber deeper into neighborhoods and closer to homes.

Comcast plans to roll out its 2-gig service nationwide by year’s end.

It already has launched the connection in Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Florida and California. Tennessee is the first state with three communities with 2 gig.

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