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Could Verizon move to purchase Dish Network?

May 20th, 2015

Verizon-logo-big is reporting that Citigroup’s management is pushing Verizon to purchase Dish Network, on the heels of their $4.4 billion dollar purchase of AOL two weeks ago.

“This AOL deal suggests a legacy business did not get in the way of Verizon’s strategic aspirations,” wrote Citigroup analyst Michael Rollins in a report sent to investors last week, after Verizon announced its $4.4 billion deal to acquire AOL.

“In contrast, Dish has highly valuable and strategic mobile spectrum and also owns a linear video business,” Rollins added. “Verizon should consider the purchase of Dish sooner than later, which could elevate its wireless and OTT video strategies even further.”

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Dish closed the first quarter with 13.84 million subscribers, down from 14.1 million the prior Q1.

The acquisition of the satellite company wouldn’t provide Verizon with the same pay-TV footprint currently being integrated by top competitor AT&T, which will get more than 20 million video subs when its $49 billion DirecTV purchase closes in a few weeks.

However, Dish’s acquired wireless spectrum—and upcoming plans to enter the wireless market—add a strategic element to a Verizon-Dish deal not found in AT&T-DirecTV.

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