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SRS TruVolume Leveling

December 30th, 2011

Whether it’s blaring commercials and low vocal audio or the sudden change in volume when changing channels, volume fluctuations can make TV viewing an unpleasant experience. A recent MarketToolsâ„¢ third party survey found that 90% of North American TV viewers noticed volume fluctuations, and 89% of them said they found the fluctuations annoying.

With SRS TruVolume volume leveling from SRS Labs -the industry leader in surround sound, audio and voice technologies – now available on DISH Network receivers you don’t have to worry about sudden changes in volume during a commercial break or an extremely loud explosion followed by impossible to hear dialogue!

As SRS Labs explains, “SRS TruVolume is a powerful solution that utilizes advanced, patent pending technology proprietary to SRS Labs to provide listeners with a consistently comfortable volume level, thus enabling a more enjoyable entertainment experience.” No more turning the volume up and down with each commercial, show or channel change. Simply set the volume to your preffered listening level, sit back and relax!

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Netflix Announces “Qwikster”

September 19th, 2011

Netflix has been both heralded and heckled for its announcement to split the company into two different companies: Netflix for DVD-by-mail and the new Qwikster for online streaming.

Many have speculated this is to ramp up for an online streaming merger with Amazon, or to even move entirely to online streaming as DVDs are quickly pushed into technological oblivion.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has a history of making unpopular choices that pay off for the company, which is excellent if your primary concern is for the company. What about the customers?

Neflix estimated Q3 subscribers are separated as:
9.8 million subscribed to streaming.
2.2 million subscribed to DVD-by-mail.
12 million “hybrid”, subscribed to both streaming and DVD-by-mail, despite the recent up to 60% price increase on this option.

Clearly Netflix’s customer base is interested in a one-stop solution to entertainment, a place where they can stream and order DVDs by mail, as evidenced by the fact that half of them still subscribe to both services despite the price increases.

How can Netflix expect customers to be willing to not only pay more, but have to deal with two different companies, two different bills, two different customer service departments, two entirely different services? Isn’t the point of online entertainment supposed to convenience and ease of access?

Blockbuster Total Access still allows you to browse 100,000 titles for online streaming, DVD-by-mail, even in-store exchanges, all in one place. Even video games and Blu-ray discs are included. And you can get many new releases 28 days before Netflix.

What are you waiting for?

Call 877-912-4774 today and enjoy a free 3-month membership to Blockbuster with your new DISH Network account!

Already a DISH Network customer and still want to enjoy to convenience of Blockbuster? You can enjoy an extended 30-day free trial to Blockbuster Total Access, offered to Netflix users who want to say hello to Blockbuster!

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